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Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer Review

Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer Review

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For families that are looking to fry up a turkey for the seasons coming up, the may want to look in to buying the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. This guide will provide you with some electric turkey fryer reviews that will outlay basic product features and how they should be used. Try to imagine how you could fit this fryer into your own cooking routine, and then you could accurately decide if it is the best product for you. One thing to note about this product is that it is made with stainless steel. This is great because it will prevent rust spots from rapidly forming on your fryer. You can use it several times over without worrying about rust eating through the lining of your fryer. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of it though. You won’t want to leave it out in the rain or let it go for a long time without cleaning. If you put the effort into cleaning it after each use, you will increase the longevity of this unit.

Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer

Turkey Fryer(Large) Review

Check out reviews & prices & discounts at Amazon Another great thing about this model is that it features 13 different user settings for the temperature gauge. This is a surprising amount of control for an electric fryer, and can help cook the perfect bird for any dinner occasion. Make sure you keep a close on the fryer if you try to push the temperature gauge up too high. The oil may bubble out of the fryer, or it could burn sections of the turkey you are cooking. Also, if you buy this model you will be able to get access to the helpful instructional booklet. The maker spared no resource and gives the user all the information that they could ever need. This is useful because many people just aren’t used to frying turkeys, so they may need a little help along the way. This has many different uses, but it may be best reserved for cooking medium sized turkeys for a crowd of people. You can cook turkeys back to back, thanks to its durable design and tough steel rim. Take some time out to estimate how much meat you will need to feed everyone in your family. Also be aware that while fryers can cook up turkeys quicker, they will still take a little while to cook thoroughly. Never take a turkey while it is undercooked and may contain dangerous bacteria. In all, this is a very effective model to buy if you aren’t sure if you have what it takes to fry up a turkey. Here are some pros and cons to consider before making your final decision. Check out reviews & prices & discounts at Amazon

Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer(X-Large)

Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer(X-Large)


  •  Safe and easy to use
  •  Several settings for the temperature
  •  Can cook turkeys up to 14 lbs.
  •  Hard to rust


  •  Needs regular cleaning
  •  Expensive

Though you may not have much experience buying a turkey fry, hopefully these electric turkey fryer reviews tips will point you in the right direction. You will want to get a fryer that will stand the test of time and cook birds for you for many years. This may be a good product to consider buying.

Check out reviews & prices & discounts at Amazon

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  1. Just found this awesome deep fryer for my wife at an amazing discount on Amazon- Couldn’t believe my luck, check it out before they take the promotion down.

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